report card

“All children are artists.  The trick is to remain an artist after they grow up”

-Pablo Picasso

From as long as I can remember I would ask the teacher every year; “If we finish our work early can we draw?”  That was all I wanted to know.   I actually loved those things we got in elementary school that had lines for writing at the bottom and a space for the drawing at the top.  I would write the story and finish my other work first so I could then take my time on that drawing.  I never wanted to be rushed to draw.  I wanted to get all that other stuff done so I wouldn’t be rushed or have it on the back of my mind.  The coolest hing about art is that ir was like taking a vacation in your mind and letting your imagination take over.   I loved to draw all through school and then paint and other forms of creative expressions.  I started to major in art in college but switched to business and got a master’s in education as the idea of a starving artist never appealed to me.  I taught school for a few years and started my on home inspection business.  I love owning my own business but I knew something was missing or that old calling was calling.  I read another artist bio once that said that he felt bad when he didn’t paint or draw and I want to steal that because I feel the exact same way.   I am happy again like I was in school.  When I finish my work early I get to paint or draw again.  I hope it was worth your time to check out my work.

My influences: older; all the impressionist, Picasso, and Edward Hopper

contemporary; Caroline Jasper, Betty Anglin Smith, Lois Griffel, and My Mom

Thank You for checking out my page and my art