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The Low Country Marsh

The Low Country Marsh If you have never been to the low country in SC put it on your bucket list today. One of the most beautiful parts of the low country is the marsh. The marsh is almost like another planet. It’s regulated by the tide. The tide goes in and out and the whole ecosystem adjust. There is water, grass, and lots of sky and reflections. If your interested in low country marsh click her.

Click here for a larger image.  Morning walks are the best especially when the sun comes in at an angle. There is an added enchantment or mystery when there is a mist or fog that the sun is breaking through. Home you enjoy the walk 🙂 Click here is you are interested in this painting.

Click here for larger image.  Fall is my favorite time of the year and I have always loved roads and paths because we are always going somewhere and I always wanted to enjoy the scenery along the way. I hope you enjoy this. Click here if you are interested in this painting.

Charleston Marsh

Charleston Marsh Click here for a larger image. The low country marsh is home to a whole ecosystem of plants and animals. For me though it’s a whole ecosystem of ever changing color. Click here if you interested in this painting.

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect I love the way water reflects all the different objects, elements and light. The smallest drop of water can start that ripple effect. If you are interested in a print or a canvas of “The Ripple Effect” Click Here.

Forrest Shadows

Forest Shadows Click here for a larger image. The great thing of the forest is when the sun shines through it it creates great highlights and shadows. If you are interested in this painting click here.

Fall Fun

Fall For a larger image click here. Aren’t We all just grown kids? Every time I see a tire swing I am instantly 8 years old again. That is what I hoped to capture here. If you are interested in the painting click here.

Fall Path

Fall Path Click here for a larger image. Walking along a path in the Fall I found the shadows of the fence and the tree irresistible. If you are interested in this painting click here.

Along the Lake Rd in the Morning

Lake Road in the Morning Click here for a larger image. Lake in the mountains are the most beautiful lakes I think usually be cause the water is clear and deep and the shoreline usually have mountains to provide beautiful scenery. If you are interested in a canvas or a print click here.

The Journey

The Journey We are always traveling in one shape or another. This is why I love roads and paths so much, especially those bathed in sunlight and shadow. If you would like to purchase this print or canvas click here.

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