Welcome to my page and thank you for visiting.  I love to draw and to paint. 

Cooper River Bridge

Palmetto Bridge This is the new Waterfront Park on the Mt Pleasant side of the Cooper River Bridge. When I saw it I had to paint it. If you are interested in this painting click here.

I always have.  I feel bad when I go for periods of time and don’t draw or paint.  I have many different subjects I like to paint Hey Look a Squirrel!!!! and maybe some A.D.D. too.  I paint basically in two different styles.  Real oil on canvas like you see on this Fall painting at the left and digital oil like the header picture above.  If you browse through the galleries you will see both.  I like both styles and there are advantages and disadvantages of each.  These two styles also give you very different looks.  If you browse through the different galleries and see something you like click on it and then click on the link at the bottom of the description and it will allow your to purchase prints, canvases and even phone cases with the painting. 

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St Michael's Church Charleston SC

St Michael’s Church Charleston SC St Michael’s is one of the most famous and oldest churches in Charleston SC. The worship roles here are a who’s who in American History. If you are interested in this painting click here.


                                                                                         Preston Sandlin